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Your eco-responsible event with Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

The key standard for business tourism, the Resort of Monte-Carlo Société de Bains de Mer is committed to the environment and sustainable development, allowing you to better control the ecological impact of your meetings, seminars and professional events.


Choose more environmentally friendly meetings


• All our room supplies are green: dry-erase boards and recycled paper, felt-tip pens and pens.
• During meetings, we supply bottles of glass to limit waste.
• Each room has a recycling bin.
• Our printers use recycled paper and are set up to print back-to-back. All our rooms are equipped with video-conference facilities to enable remote meetings.
• 75% of our rooms and halls have natural light to reduce energy costs. Temperature, air-conditioning and lighting are closely managed, depending on the purpose, the number of participants and the duration of events. Air-conditioning is switched off in unused places.
• We also offer a wide range of environmental-friendly team-building and incentive activities, available on request. More information.

Control the ecological impact of your accommodation and travel in Monaco


The teams of the Resort of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer work on a daily basis at a more realistic management of energy and water resources and increasingly environmentally-friendly practices as regards business meetings, seminars and events.
The Group holds many certificates, including 4 Green Globe certified hotels, a programme designed for the luxury travel and tourism industry which is internationally recognised. All new projects are BREEAM certified, a world-recognised label for high environmental quality: the transformation of Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, creation of the One Monte-Carlo district and its new Conference and Events Centre. The company’s internal printing is Imprim’Vert certified.
• All our hotel establishments signed the National Pact for Energy Transition at the Grimaldi Forum on 23 March 2018 and Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort was selected as a pilot facility in Monaco for the development of Smart+ meters and photovoltaic panels (1200 m2). The Group’s hotels also mobilised in 2018 for Earth Hour to support raising awareness of energy saving.


• Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer favours energy-efficient transport with the provision of electric vehicles and electric bike stations at the hotels or close by. Monte-Carlo Beach has 3 electrical terminals, including a Tesla one, in its car park.
A voluntary recycling policy to help re-use and limit waste 

• The Resort is committed to a voluntary recycling policy, with 9 specific collections: paper, glass, waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste), tubes and bulbs, batteries, ink-cartridges, cooking oils and food fats, recyclable packaging, textiles and clothing.
• Monte-Carlo Beach improves the quality of its organic waste by using a dehydrator.
A healthy and responsible food offer 

• Sustainable development is also required in the kitchens of the Resort for your cocktails, banquets and other events, thanks to chefs who promote healthy and authentic cuisine favoring fresh, local and seasonal produce.


• In particular, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has its own organic vegetable garden, in close co-operation with the start-up Terre de Monaco, founded by Jessica Sbaraglia, a creator of urban organic vegetable gardens.


• For a year now, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo have agreed a charter with “Mister Goodfish” to respect marine resources, thanks to a listing of species by season.


• All allergens are specified on the menus for your events and those of our restaurants and/or available upon request. 


• The Resort also offers the first fine dining 100% organic restaurant certified by Ecocert: the Elsa restaurant of the Hotel Monte-Carlo Beach. The Hotel itself aims to be the first eco-certified 100% organic hotel in all its catering services: the gastronomic restaurant, room service, minibar and the hotel bar.

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Did you know?

Together, our resort and the Principality are committed to taking concrete action to help protect biodiversity, with initiatives including:


• The installation of a refuge, registered with the French league for the protection of birds, at the Pointe de la Vigie at the Monte-Carlo Beach natural site, with houses for birds and squirrels.

• The construction of a biodiversity-positive reef dike 100 m from the shore of the Monte-Carlo Beach.

• Participation, in green spaces belonging to the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Group, in a trail of hundred-year-old trees, in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority.

• The installation of several insect hotels on Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer lands.

• A pilot project is planned with the SMA to make use of food and green waste.

• The management of kitchen gardens with Terrae in Monte-Carlo and in Beausoleil. 

• The production of herbs and spices on terraces and in the gardens of several of the resort’s establishments.


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