Repeat the success of previous BIJAN MANAGING seminars held in Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong, etc., in Monaco. Offer a wide variety of experiences suited to a Chinese clientele throughout the seminar.

Brief / Needs Solutions/Benefits
Plan and execute a 2-week seminar in a highly reputable 5-star hotel in Europe. As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World that can accommodate groups of up to 300 people, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo was selected.
Welcome 235 participants and organise an 18-days programme. One contact person was specially assigned to event planning.
Have a large conference room big enough to accommodate all attendees all day long. The Salle Eiffel was used as a private venue. This large conference room at the Hôtel Hermitage can accommodate up to 340 people using theatre style seating.
Hold all lunches at the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. Provide a personalised service suited to the specific requirements of the event and a Chinese clientele.  Buffets offering different menus every day were set up in the Salle Belle Epoque and Salle Régence, both historic monuments.

  • An American-style breakfast buffet also offered a few Chinese specialities such as sticky rice and dim sum.
  • Rooms were customised for Chinese guests with green tea, a kettle, a fruit basket, Chinese soups, and bottled water.
  • Translate the menus, signs and hotel map into Chinese.
  • A special Wi-Fi code, personalised for the event, facilitated access for attendees.
Organise a gala dinner for VIP guests in one of Monaco’s most prestigious banquet halls. The gala dinner was held in the Salle Empire at the Hôtel de Paris, a historic monument located a stone’s throw from the Hôtel Hermitage.