The keys to a successful and unforgettable professional event


Organizing business seminars requires ever-more creativity and innovation in order to satisfy clients who are becoming more demanding – and rightly so. From the service providers and organizers’ point of view, the challenge is to stand out by providing attendees with a unique experience. Applying our 3 golden rules will contribute to your event’s success. Follow our guide!


Rule no. 1: Immortalize the moment

Was it really a special event if there’s nothing to show for it? How do you thank attendees for being there, their time and their investment? When it comes to these two questions, think goodies. From a prized tote bag full of small gifts customized for your event to tools that have more of a “wow” factor, the important thing is the message that the item sends. For example, something made of bamboo (a wireless phone charger, thumb drive, isotherm mug, desk organizer, etc.) conveys the idea that you champion ecological citizenship and responsibility, while a personalized 3D-printed goodie (unique trophies, mini avatars, a collective piece of Word Art, etc.) shows you value creativity and innovation. Everyday connected objects (geotag keychain, Bluetooth speaker, wristband or mood light for example) establish closeness between the company and its employees. You can gauge the success of your event by whether you left an impression on the audience..


Rule no. 2: Embrace new technologies

format configurateurIn 2019, it’s difficult to imagine an event that isn’t connected, social media friendly and/or full of technological innovations that are surprising and enrich the corporate content. Consider a mobile app purely for the audience, live streaming the event, direct community management with a social media wall, and virtual reality workshops. There are so many tools that showcase the company’s image and strengthen the attendees’ engagement and feeling of belonging. And since most of these innovations are now commonplace, their cost is that much more affordable.



Rule no. 3: Maintain the rhythm

First and foremost, a successful event follows the same logic as a piece of music: rhythm is crucial! And since this is a live performance, it is essential to choose the right conductor, or in other words, the right speaker. The audience are striving to enrich their knowledge. Therefore, a structured educational score should be respected, with a sound editorial line that attracts attention without any down time. These strict standards will be balanced with fun and inspired recreational breaks. Yoga, mindfulness sessions, personal development workshops or even breaks in the spa are close allies indeed for optimizing attendees’ concentration..