Turn your professional events into a real festival



It looks like the current trend for major professional events is festivalization, which makes it possible to combine a multidisciplinary approach with new technologies. Experts have been talking about it for several years now, but it is only recently that it really took off. For inspired, unique and unforgettable events, you need…


A varied program that fosters cohesion

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Meetings, team building days and incentive travel programs are becoming increasingly diverse, and their scope is broadening. To this end, they are borrowing some techniques from festivals to offer the participants a program that is different from what they have been used to so far, something more original, memorable and unifying. This is known as the festivalization of professional events, a phenomenon which has developed over the last two years and is gaining considerable momentum. The aim is to foster synergies between the employees involved and unite them, while bringing out the best in everyone, with an exact point of convergence: Your business.


Drawing on creativity…


It is up to the organizer to decide on the event objectives and how to achieve them, through a vast range of multidisciplinary activities, in a setting distinct from that of the company – somewhere less divided and more creative and inspiring. Whether you host your event in a luxury conference room or in the exotic setting of a foreign country, the trick is to create an culinary workshops or tastings, escape rooms, laser games, board games, mobile photobooths, team building Olympics bringing out the best in everyone as an individual and the group as a whole, tours of aatmosphere that fosters interaction. From there, the event can really begin, structured around a fun and varied program: A live show (involving, for example, magic, a concert, stand-up or an impersonator), monument or a visit to an amusement park. All activities are good for developing connections and getting away from the professional routine for a little while. 


 ... and new technologies


If getting your teams to travel proves difficult, new technologies enable you to set up different activities that are just as fun and involve everyone.Artificial intelligence is sure to make an impact thanks to the different services it offers: From room booking to virtual assistants, not forgetting speech technology enabling simultaneous interpretation in several languages and facial recognition which can measure participant satisfaction at any time. This added extra will make all the difference, at a time when the popularity of and demand for digital technology are increasing. Mobile apps will also enable participants to enjoy immersive (town and museum) tours as will augmented and virtual reality tools, offering three-dimensional scuba diving, treasure hunts and digital graffiti walls, for example.