Effective ideas for tailoring your events to millennials


Very active and highly sought after, millennials are demanding guests at professional events. So a few pointers are always useful in ensuring your event is a success with this crowd. Draw inspiration from our 10 tips if you want to pique the interest of millennials!

1. Give them an experience

Guests born in the 1980s-1990s are looking to explore new horizons. It is therefore vital to create a setting that has an original theme, memorable decor, lighting effects, photo opportunities, and more. Offer them an unprecedented and highly unusual experience that they’re sure to remember! For example, a superheroes party or a retro 1920s dance hall evening.

2. Personalize your event

Millennials particularly love personal touches, so collect information about your guests before your events. What are their main interests? Get to know them so that you can pinpoint the right entertainment. If they love cooking, for instance, invite a chef for some cookery workshops.


3. Incorporate cutting-edge technology

Technology is hugely important to millennials. Think ahead and create an easy-to-use app and website featuring all the information your guests need to know about your event. As such, make sure you have a foolproof arsenal, with stable WiFi connection and phone charging stations as standard. You could also give out power banks stamped with your logo.



4. Use social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all favorite means of communication for millennials. Use them to advertise your event by creating your own hashtags. Social media will be used to share photos throughout your event and to live-stream proceedings. Likewise, inviting guests to take part in a photo competition on Instagram will focus their attention on your event.

5. Add interest to professional activities

If your event features conferences and meetings, offer votes and surveys during these key moments. This makes the sessions more interactive, fun and, as a result, captivating, both for the speakers and the audience. Themed coffee breaks between two work sessions are also a good idea. You can make them relaxing by offering massages and detox drinks, delicious by providing comfort food, or reinvigorating by providing sports sessions and high-energy foods. Choose a theme in accordance with the profiles of your guests. You will be surprised to see how beneficial these opportunities to chat outside of meetings are on group synergy.


6. Generate interactions

Discussion and networking opportunities should be scheduled outside of any professional sessions you wish to organize. Create areas for informal chats that foster connections. Likewise, interactions between participants should be encouraged through fun experiences, such as puzzle-solving, mini escape rooms, graffiti walls, and so on.


7. Organize off-site activities

Would your participants appreciate an outing outside of the venue? Why not include a city trip, a local charity project or an extreme sports session in your event program? It is likely that many of your guests will have planned to extend their business trip to make the most of the destination.

8. Pique their culinary curiosity

Street food, fusion cuisine, traditional flavors or unusual creations: Make sure you choose an original catering option. Score extra points with your guests by offering them unusual breakfasts (donut walls, exotic pastries, etc.), tasty snacks (frozen yoghurt, bubble tea, etc.) and original bars (tapas bar, local beer bar, popcorn bar, etc.).



9. Highlight your sustainability

As a major concern for most millennials, sustainability must be at the heart of your event. Opt for local organic ingredients, and recycled and recyclable stationery and tableware. You could also set up a tech-detox space, too. Some guests will really enjoy putting their phone or tablet down for a few minutes.



10. Consider the after-event

As your event comes to a close, thank your guests by distributing tote bags full of goodies. A few days later, a short message with access to a photo gallery will go down very well with your guests. You can also create a newsletter to which participants can subscribe, or publish information about other forthcoming events.