Digital transformation is more essential than ever for businesses


Digital technology is shaking up business strategy around the world. Since the start of the pandemic, its deployment has become a real necessity in order to stand out from the competition, build customer loyalty, and improve processes. Subject to social distancing restrictions, event organization is taking on a whole new dimension thanks to digital technologies. Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer benefits from Monaco’s remarkable advances in this area to offer a digital environment conducive to high-impact hybrid events.


Unprecedented digital acceleration

With the repeated lockdowns and other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, various industries have had to make digital technology their priority. This in-depth transformation involves adopting new tools and a new way of working. The pandemic appears to have enabled companies to make a considerable leap forward in developing their digital communications. In their quest to be competitive, they have implemented digital solutions in a matter of weeks, rather than whole months. Out of 720 companies surveyed by the French Association of the Digital Economy (ACSEL), the 12% of companies that forecast growth in 2020 have continued to invest in digital technology.


For years, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has hosted and broadcast major international events such as the European Poker Tour and the UEFA Champions League draw. In 2021, a new offer for hybrid events has been introduced with optimal bandwidth capacity.


Corporate events: Digital technology to the rescue

Now more than ever, digital technology has an impact on companies’ communications with their clients and partners. And organizing conferences, trade shows, conventions, and seminars is no exception, with digital technology playing a major role. It has become essential to adapting to social distancing restrictions, and provides new opportunities. This new approach to events helps increase companies’ reputations by reaching a wider audience and maintaining close contact with clients without any geographical or time constraints.


To support companies, the Principality of Monaco is leading the way in adopting advanced digital technologies. The Principality was the first country to deploy 5G and has its own data storage service. The sovereign cloud makes it much easier to create new digital services to improve the already outstanding quality of life in the territory.




Monaco: A smart city focused on innovation

Between its 5G network, data collection, and the development of digital tools, the Principality is helping improve forecasting abilities in key areas such as air quality, traffic, and building energy consumption. It is working to improve quality of life, including through more efficient, connected, and eco-friendly modes of transport. Numerous initiatives have been put in place to encourage digital innovation. In addition to the Fonds Bleu grant, the Extended Monaco platform is also available to companies, along with workshops dedicated to digital technology. The Monacotech project has also been set up to support start-ups in emerging technologies such as MedTech, Artificial Intelligence, GreenTech, and many others.




More efficient hybrid solutions

From seminars to trade shows and beyond, events are always organized with a specific goal in mind. A key part of a company’s strategy, events increase staff and client loyalty, showcase new products, and more. Despite the imposed health regulations, you can still organize a hybrid event combined with a digital online version. Live-streamed events allow you to reach all your prospects and partners. Attendees can interact remotely by asking questions about products and services, and can also be redirected to sales platforms.


To be effective, a hybrid event must be held in a suitable location to make an impression and attract a large audience. In partnership with audio-visual specialist PlugIn, which has been active on the Côte d’Azur for over 30 years, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo offers a brand new turnkey studio to help organizers produce and record their virtual events. Aimed at local stakeholders and companies across the board, the studio makes it possible to broadcast all types of messages, important announcements, live streams, product presentations, and more on a large scale and in the best conditions. Spanning 55 sqm in the heart of a 5-star hotel, this comfortable space is fully equipped with professional video equipment and comes complete with the support of industry specialists. 


More generally, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer features exceptional venues and hotels capable of providing high-quality digital and technical services. Equipped with fiber-optic Internet, they share the same network for immediate connectivity from one establishment to another. An ecosystem of 1,800 Wi-Fi terminals provides optimal coverage and high bandwidth. Dedicated technical teams are on hand to make sure all digital tools perform flawlessly.