Gourmet breaks to bring your team together

Whether you are hosting a seminar, meeting or round table, your attendees are working and concentrating hard. Nothing is left to chance at these professional events. As well as having an operational significance, they are a perfect opportunity for people to meet, talk and share. This is precisely the aim behind the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s new themed coffee breaks. They are the perfect way for your guests to enjoy a shared experience rooted in the hotel’s own values: Local, seasonal produce is prioritized, and you can extend all your breaks with a special activity linked to your culinary theme. 

Energy Breaks: A well-needed energy boost !

Activité Pauses Café

Concentration and memory are always in high demand at professional events, but it is perfectly possible to boost them. Our Energy Breaks are the ideal solution. High-energy foods such as nuts and cereals are all included on menus which have been specially designed to reinvigorate. A booster tea, energizing drink (made using seasonal fruit) and an energy ball all help attendees to recharge during your seminars. And because mental effort and physical exercise are intricately linked, your themed break also includes a 10-minute workout – choose between a muscle-energizing session and an end-of-meeting breathing exercise to re-establish guests’ inner calm.

Riviera Breaks: A locally grown experience

Would you like to introduce your employees to Provence and Monaco’s local culinary delights? Our Riviera Break is a delightfully sweet experience based around a selection of pretty pastries. Chard tarts, Menton lemon cakes and tarts are served to your gourmet guests, immersing them in the region’s culinary world. They can find out more during a group visit to the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s vegetable garden. This is the ideal complementary activity if you would like to combine local culture with delicious food.

Gourmet Breaks : Generously indulgent

What if your break was inspired by gorgeous children’s birthday menu? With its generously high-quality ingredients presented in playful style, our themed Gourmet Break is guaranteed to thrill anyone with a sweet tooth. This little moment of childlike delightis perfect for boosting team spirit, giving your attendees the chance to relax with a smoothie and a brownie. If they still like to indulge from time to time, their heart is going to skip a beat when they see what is on offer. You can also extend the experience with a pastry or mixology class – you might even discover a few new talents in your team!

Healthy Breaks: A moment of relaxation

During busy half-day events, you sometimes need to step back and enjoy the moment. This is the aim behind our Healthy menu, which also includes an optional relaxation activity and/or massage. The buffet gives pride of place to seasonal, highly detoxing ingredients in the form of juices, fruity nibbles and vegetable dips. Antioxidant hibiscus teas are also on this menu designed to perfectly suit with the maxim “healthy body, healthy mind”.