Check out the latest MICE trends for 2020


Piquing your participants’ curiosity and surprising them event after event is undoubtedly a tall order. For your next meeting, draw your inspiration from the latest trends covering everything from environmentally-friendly or themed events to overseas travel and tech’s new frontiers.


Do you want to focus on sustainable development during your next event? This trend is making inroads into more and more businesses seeking to minimize their environmental impact. Location is one of the biggest decisions you can make when organizing an event. It should be accessible by walk, bicycle or via public transport, or you could consider setting up car shares if necessary. Sorting waste, sending out your letters on recycled paper and selecting partners who are sympathetic to your environmental ambitions and activities are some of the ways you can create a green event.

This year’s most popular themes


Themed events have proved (and continue proving) a great success over the past few years. So how can you come up with a fresh new idea that will dazzle your attendees? Selecting your theme takes a lot of careful thought. Current trends are rooted in nature (as we mentioned in the section above), gastronomy, technology and culture. Themes with a slightly more classic vibe are still popular too, and they include Casino, Oscar galas and the roaring 20s. To find the most suitable one for you, we recommend you adapt to your audience and their interests.


Destinations: A trend in their own right


Many businesses take their employees, clients and partners to overseas events as a way of highlighting their success and prestige. Far-flung locations are still in vogue, but European countries are only gaining in popularity. Ireland, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Monaco and so on are just a few hours away by plane, making them ideal for environmentally-friendly businesses. Our top tip is to organize this type of professional event outside of school vacations, as this way your guests are more likely to be free and more transport options will be available to you.


Digitalizing events

Thrust your business to the front of the pack during seminars, evening events and team-building activities designed around new technology. Announcing your event on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram will help to set it in a digital context. You can also pair this kind of initiative with posts and tweets sent out as your event progresses. High-tech activities are also particularly sought-after, with immersive virtual reality headset experiences, holograms, beginner’s drone courses and encounters with artificial intelligence all heading up the list of popular options.


Activities can be on-trend too

More and more attention is being paid to the kinds of activities we choose for our business meetings. During evening events, seminars and team-building activities, companies are offering attendees workshops that can be fun, sporty or cultural – but always entertaining. Once you have selected your theme, you need to opt for related activities that feel relevant to your overall event. Your participants will be amazed to be able to choose between music lessons, relaxation sessions, treasure hunts, cookery workshops and much more besides.