An environmental approach consistent with ambitious ecological transition objectives


The Principality of Monaco’s continual quest for excellence also applies to the environment, with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This firm commitment drives the teams of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Monte-Carlo every day. As early as 2019, 23% of corporate event planners stated that sustainability and being more conscious of their environmental impact were going to be key aspects of future events, according to a report in C&IT magazine. The ongoing pandemic has only heightened public awareness of environmental issues. It is now more essential than ever to implement sustainable actions to continue efforts and offer services in line with these new expectations.


 A global commitment to address a growing concern


Whether environmental, societal, or economic, sustainable development is a source of long-term competitiveness and profitability for companies. Beyond being good for the planet, integrating sustainable development offers real commercial benefits and attracts talented young people who are more interested in environmentally conscious companies. Choosing sustainable partners is a real asset to an event’s success. Although Monaco is known for being a luxury destination, the Principality has been taking sustainable action for a number of years now, driven by H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, Monaco has a large number of hybrid buses and plans to have a fully electric fleet by 2030. The Albert II Foundation, meanwhile, is carrying out large-scale projects to tackle the climate emergency, such as the Venturi zero-emission vehicles, the Solar Impulse solar plane, and numerous marine preservation expeditions.


This environmental aspect has become a key factor for our clients. To meet their expectations, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer adopted an ambitious sustainable development program in 2007. In collaboration with the Monegasque authorities, it is implementing its third environmental charter focusing on several major objectives:


  • compliance with certifications and environmental management 
  • information and awareness-raising campaign for partners and clients
  • optimization of energy use and expenditure
  • increased management of water consumption
  • reduction of polluting emissions related to air quality, the atmosphere, and transport
  • biodiversity conservation actions
  • organization for more responsible purchasing
  • waste collection, recycling, and sorting.

Each year, these objectives are audited by a certified organization. In addition, green services are available to clients. As such, the hotels and restaurants offer their clients local and organic products.
Monte-Carlo SBM also partners with service providers that are committed to a CSR approach and have various certifications, such as Team Nature and Ikebana agencies.

The Green Globe certification


A prestigious international standard, the Green Globe certification rewards companies in the tourism industry for their environmental efforts. It is based on a stringent annual audit consisting of 311 indicators, such as the implementation of renewable energies and the use of organic, local, and eco-friendly products for cooking, treatments, and packaging.


The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t dampened Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer’s ecological ambitions. All of the Monte-Carlo SBM’s establishments now have the Green Globe certification, including the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, which is the first restaurant to be awarded this distinction. This stamp of approval demonstrates that we are taking action with regards to the environment, waste reduction, more responsible purchasing, electric vehicles, and more energy-efficient technologies. As an example, all lights have been replaced by LED models, and the faucets have been fitted with next-generation water-saving nozzles to reduce consumption and improve flow management.


Setting an example in this field, the Monte-Carlo Beach has treated clients to a highly appreciated welcome complete with global eco-friendly approach for several years now: eco-friendly toiletries in wall dispensers, a super-charger that is fifty times faster for electric vehicles, an organic certified restaurant, and more. Over at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, meanwhile, the roof is equipped with 1,000 sqm of solar panels. The high levels of compliance achieved were obtained thanks to the commitment of the teams in place. Between good everyday practices and the quality of the treatments provided and the products supplied in the kitchen, the various establishments offer high-end services that respect sustainable development.


An essential B2B player, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has established itself as a partner committed to producing outstanding eco-friendly events. It intends to pave the way for genuine environmental and societal awareness in the luxury tourism sector.