Le Bar Américain


This amazing establishment is undoubtedly part of what makes Monte-Carlo so legendary. Its secret? Its incredibly high standard of service, and constantly reinventing itself to keep clients coming back for more. 

A treat for the eyes and ears

The cosy, jazzy ambience of the Bar Américain is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening with rich and inspiring musical entertainment, every night except Monday. You’ll love the live performances, the talented artists, and the warm sounds of swing, jazz and French ballads that make the Bar Américain the ideal backdrop for long, intimate conversations.


A treat for the palate

Stop in for lunch and enjoy one of Chef Franck Cerutti‘s culinary creations. If it’s teatime, indulge in one of our finely selected teas and a delicious home-made pastry. A glass of rosé champagne before dinner sounds divine. And a vintage grand cru in the company of good friends? Like the perfect evening. The Bar Américain welcomes you every day from 10:30am to 2am.


And that little something extra: there’s nothing like a tasty barbagiuan with one of our  signature cocktails to whet your appetite and give your taste buds a savoury treat before dinner.


Mixology shows off at the Bar Américain

Enjoy a different atmosphere for every time of day at the Bar Américain