At Monte-Carlo SBM properties, the art of living is much more than just an expression. It is an experience, an experience at the heart of Monaco, in our Resort, where you will find:




At the Monte-Carlo SBM Resort properties, we feel something akin to a patriotic pride when it comes to fine dining. For 150 years, this dining experience has been provided by the greatest chefs, some of them of international renown, in wondrous settings, using only the finest produce, and to the eternal delight of diners.


Whether you are in a small group (from 10 people) or part of a much larger gathering (up to 950), your banquets will be remembered as major events. Your guests will be as taken with lunch in the superb Salle Belle Epoque at the Hôtel Hermitage as with dinner in the equally legendary Salle Empire at the Hôtel de Paris. There, amateurs of fine wines will have the pleasure of the largest hotel wine cellar in the world, with 600,000 bottles!


And for that extra magic touch, head to the Sporting Monte-Carlo from where you will be able to admire the night skies, for a meal under the stars! The Bal de la Rose, the Gala de la Croix Rouge, the Grand Prix Dinners…


The most prestigious receptions take place in Monaco. For one night, your guests will find themselves at the heart of an exceptional event, your event…